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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cheer Mama Drama!

Cheer Mama Drama - ugh! From little loop to school to all star cheerleading, it is there.When my daughter was a little loop cheerleader I could not believe the drama involved! I was one of the (volunteer) managers way back when and there were a couple of moms who wanted things done a certain way & did not want to hear anything else. This involved practice locations, times, water breaks, sideline chants, competitive routine - you name it, there was an issue. While I do have to say a couple of their points were valid, the way they went about it was all wrong. Talking about other cheer parents & cheerleaders did not sit well with me and neither did the 3:00am drunken phone call from one mom telling me what she thought of me and the program. Yep, I definitely didn't get paid enough for this! lol

All star cheer mama drama is a little different then little loop. There are still parents who talk bad about other cheerleaders, parents, coaches and organizations but those who talk are usually the ones who leave for what they perceive to be greener pastures. I personally think it is funny how one season 'mom A' can be so negative towards another organization & then the following year switch to that gym like they are the best thing since sliced bread. These parents also talk about how they had to leave 'gym A' because of the drama but start right back up where they moved on to. Nothing is perfect - no cheerleader, parent, coach or gym but unfortunately some people continue to think their glass houses are shatter proof.

Now that the world of cheer is part of the social network, it is very easy to 'delete' someone from your web life. Last season I was at gym where I thought the parents there were friends. We hung out together at competitions, went out to dinner & had fun when traveling. When I decided not to send my daughter back to that gym (partly because she wanted to cheer with her friends at another location) I was exposed to the nasty side of some people. While cosmetic surgery is the thing to do nowadays, some people really need to realize the two faces they have are not very pretty & definitely not hidden well. Do these people even know that while they are spending so much energy talking bad (yes, word does get around) about parents & cheerleaders, the rest of us have not even given them a second thought? Hate to be the bearer of bad news but high school is over ladies, time to grow up & move on.

I hope I have not frightened anyone because the drama is not limited to cheerleading. It could be in your neighborhood, at work or any other sports your children might be involved in. Just realize that you are not alone & that drama is everywhere - if you play into it!

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